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Find a company with an idea you can stand behind and become their next investor. Our world is changing and together, we can change it for the better.

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Startup funding for any investor.

ImpactRaise operates on a proven funding platform.
Startups funded and counting in 2021.
ImpactRaise provides access to a community of over 100,000 potential investors.

What sets us apart.

Raise Capital

ImpactRaise makes the funding process more efficient for accelerators, startup founders, and the investment decision process easier for investors.

Funding Platform

Used by over 5,000 founders to secure funding for their early-stage startup.

Doamain Expertise

We used our technology and subject matter expertise to raise capital for our own portfolio of startups.

What you should expect when getting started.


Create Account

Sign up, create, and activate a profile for your startup and select your funding needs.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will receive a dedicated account manager to help you prepare your funding round.

Regulatory paperwork

ImpactRaise helps by providing the necessary documents to accept capital raised under Reg CF offerings.

Funding Benefits:

Reg CF

All Regulation CF raises must occur entirely through a single SEC/FINRA registered broker-dealer or funding-portal.

Faster Funding Process

Democratize seed-investing on the local scale by involving more than just the accelerator’s immediate network with the click of a button.


First of it's kind equity crowdfunding NFT program giving unique identity and ownership that's verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

Investor Dashboard:


Find high quality investors inside and outside your community from large scale to micro investments.


Easily communicate and interact with investors through our streamlined platform.

Investor Management

Access investor information with easy tracking and follow-up.

Raise Capital Faster


ImpactRaise reviews every company internally to determine eligibility. If they meet our eligibility criteria then their application is moved to the next step for activation.


By alleviating the headaches in the early funding rounds, we enable greater participation, bring more investors to the table and help startups raise more capital quickly.


The ImpactRaise platform is specifically designed to make the online interaction between startups and investors simple and efficient. Our unique combination of industry expertise, regulatory registrations and technical aptitude simplifies the early-stage funding process and connects startups with investors in a broad new way.

"ImpactRaise is backed by a leading blockchain venture builder. The ImpactRaise team is packed with talent well versed in supporting blockchain initiatives. They are continuously innovating across all industries and enterprises interested in leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology.
Anon M - Board Member @ CryptoBlocks Ventures
"The ImpactRaise team has the blockchain expertise to provide you facts, not fiction. More importantly, they currently have the playbook and resources to execute through the early NFT market barriers of 2021. Thanks to them, now we are doing so as well."
Matthew H - President @ Startup Alpha Inc.
"Easiest tool to get started for a Reg CF offering. ImpactRaise is defining this new space that will dethrone incumbents and leeching legal intermediaries."
Executive @ Rarible DAO
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