The ImpactRaise Member's NFT

Our Member's Token program unlocks exclusive benefits to investors that increases in value as offering liquidity grows. Showcase your investments with proof of ownership verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Why should investors buy a member's token?

Share bonus
Receive 10% or more on your funding contributions when investing in Member Token eligible offerings.
priority queue
Get the inside story on token eligible offering pre-launch, before they post publicly on the ImpactRaise Exchange.
Member discounts
Get up to 20% off products and services including GWEI (gas fees) when transacting on the transacting on the platform.

How do tokens improve the value of an offering?

Time-Based Tokens

Implement a token strategy that unlocks additional benefits periodically to incentivize investor participation.

Value-Based Tokens

Setup a token bonus schema linked to funding tiers that rewards members for higher investments.

Utility-Based Tokens

Create a token gating strategy that permissions special access to content and events hosted through any site.

What is the membership process for investors?


Create An Investor Account

Sign up, create, and activate an investor profile to invest in offerings on the Exchange.

Purchase Membership

The Member’s Token costs $299 or ~0.15 ETH and will auto renew annually. You can cancel anytime and your membership will remain active until your renewal date.

Connect Crypto Wallet

You must provide a valid Ethereum wallet address to receive your NFT. Shortly after purchasing, your ERC1155 token will transfer to your wallet. For an FAQ, click here.


Share Bonus

The Member’s Token gives you up to a 10% share bonus on all investments in eligible offerings on ImpactRaise for one year.

Accounts who purchase a Member’s Token will receive early-bird notifications before new campaign eligible offerings are announced publicly.

Priority Waitlist

Our platform gives investors who own a Member’s Token priority if they are waitlisted on a company offering that has exceeded their maximum funding target. Member’s Token holders  will also receive the first opportunity to invest should space in the offering open up due to cancelled, denied, or failed investments.

Important: this benefit only applies to offerings participating in the Member’s Token program.

Member Discounts

There are no fees to access the Investor Exchange, but we do charge a 10% transaction fee to members who sell their membership to a new member on a secondary market.

Additionally, the Member’s Token gives you a 20% discount on products and services offered by ImpactRaise.


Value Summary

The ImpactRaise Member’s Token is a membership-based program that grants exclusive benefits to investors who purchased access and completed the process to received the Member’s NFT. This NFT (non-fungible token) means the unique identity and ownership of the token have been verified on the Ethereum blockchain. This token unlocks benefits to member investors such as:

1. Earn up to 10% more on your contributions in bonus eligible offerings.

2. Get the inside story on bonus eligible offering launches before they post publicly on

3.Secure priority access on the waitlist for offering campaigns that exceeded their maximum raise target.

Token Management

When you purchase an ImpactRaise Member’s Token subscription you will receive an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) badge proving verified ownership of this exclusive token on the Ethereum Blockcahin. You must provide a valid wallet address to receive your NFT. Shortly after purchasing, your NFT (ERC1155) will transfer to your crypto wallet.

If you purchase with a credit card, and do not want to receive your exclusive NFT which unlocks access to value over the lifetime of your account, you can decline at point of purchase.

You visit our ImpactRaise Member's Token page live now on Rarible & OpenSea here.

Offering Shares

The ImpactRaise Member’s Token is a standalone subscription product that includes an array of unique NFTs that follow a rarity schema as well as special privileges on eligible offerings you choose to invest in. For more information on the benefits of the membership, visit our FAQ page here.

If you purchased your Member's Token NFT through a secondary Market such as OpenSea or - great, we're glad you're here. You still need to create an account on and buy your own subscription for $299. When setting up your account, include the URL to your NFT as well as your public crypto wallet ID address. This is important if you purchased a rare edition NFT that grants you access to special privileges beyond the standard membership. This is how we verify and upgrade your account. If you need further support, please reach out to a member of the Member’s Token team in the support channel of our Discord here.

Powering your unique token strategy.

Apply to Enroll

ImpactRaise reviews every company internally to determine eligibility for all Reg CF offerings. If you meet our eligibility criteria, then your application is moved to the next step for activation and enrolled into our Member's Token benefits program.

Activate Token Strategy

By alleviating the headaches experienced in early-stage seed funding, we enable greater participation from startups and free up time for their founders. This gives the bandwidth necessary to implement a token strategy for the purpose of attracting more investors and increasing the likelihood of exceeding offering funding targets.

Tokens Are The Foundation For Future Funding

As the very first blockchain-enabled equity crowdfunding platform, we developed the initial membership tokens to include several longevity benefits for creating limited accessibility and rarity and social signaling (NFTs as proof of investment tokens) to help boost high levels of engagement and investment as you reach later stage funding rounds.

"ImpactRaise is backed by a leading blockchain venture builder. The ImpactRaise team is packed with talent well versed in supporting blockchain initiatives. They are continuously innovating across all industries and enterprises interested in leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology.
Anon M - CryptoBlocks Ventures
"The ImpactRaise team has the blockchain expertise to provide you facts, not fiction. More importantly, they currently have the playbook and resources to execute through the early NFT market barriers of 2021. Thanks to them, now we are doing so as well."
Matthew H - President @ Startup Alpha Inc.
"Easiest tool to get started for a Reg CF offering. ImpactRaise is defining this new space that will dethrone incumbents and leeching legal intermediaries."
Executive @ Rarible DAO
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