Launching A Startup Guided Checklist

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Launching A Startup Checklist

You have a great idea and you're ready to launch a startup - let's get after it! Below is a step-by-step guide to help walk you through the process of launching a startup including some very important steps that can save you time and money later.

1. Capture The Idea

Using the Business Model Canvas provided by the ImpactRaise team will help you to work through your concept. Don’t worry about every little detail with the template, consider this a framework to help you think through the general ideas of the business.

2. Start A Rough Sketch

If you have a product-centered business, begin wireframing the product. There are many free or low-cost wireframing tools such as Balsamiq, Hotgloo, and Flying Pixels among others; however, freehand sketches are just as valuable for starting out (and can even help you get your ideas down faster).

3. Get Feedback

Get crowd-sourced feedback and validate your concept using ImpactRaise's Idea Validation Module. Getting outside input and/or feedback on your idea early and often is the key to building a company that wins in its market.

4. Choose Your Name

Pick a name by completing the Naming Your Company worksheet. Check to see if the name is available or in-use. In addition to general Google searches, a good starting point is to search the entity database of Delaware, since DE is the preferred state for incorporating.

5. Run A Trademark Search

Search trademarks here ( in the same sector or industry as you, consider revisiting the Naming Your Company worksheet.