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Knightscope builds Autonomous Security Robots in Silicon Valley (Made in the USA 🇺🇸) that are patrolling across the country 24/7/365 to secure the places you live, study, work, and visit. With over 20,000 investors and over $70 million raised since inception, including $10+ million in lifetime revenue, Knightscope is reimagining public safety at a time when the Nation needs it most.




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For more information on Knightscope, Inc. download and review the Offering Circular. The Offering Circular should be reviewed before making an investment decision

Commercialized In Production
    - Knightscope's crime-fighting robots have been credited with reducing crime as reported by law enforcement agencies and clients

Huge Following
- $70 Million+ Raised - with over 20,000 investors, Knightscope has built a community of investors committed to reimagining public safety in the United States

Experienced Management
    - Elite Entrepreneurial Executives - the founding team combines entrepreneurs from the world's top automotive, law enforcement, and technology companies
“Humans can only see so much — but robots can see much more”

Innovation in the security industry has been stagnant for decades

The traditional practices of the security industry have been unchanged for years — we all know the picture of the security guard asleep behind the wall of security camera feeds. Humans are one of the largest expenses and largest liabilities for companies - and our safety is not something to be taken lightly.
But what if they had “magic” at their fingertips instead, through our browser-based user interface, we call the KSOC (Knightscope Security Operations Center)?!

The “market for crime” is not going anywhere and is unlikely ever to collapse.  Our recurring revenue business model is set up to mimic the recurring societal problem of crime - we believe this sets us up for success long-term.  We are on a mission to make everything from government facilities to schools to cities safer places for you to work, study, play and visit with our ground-breaking technologies.


Knightscope’s fully autonomous crime-fighting robots

Knightscope builds award-winning security robots to help cut down crime and make public spaces safer. ASRs are fitted with eye-level 360° cameras, thermal scanning, public address announcements, and a bevy of other features that work in tandem with humans to provide law enforcement officers and security guards unprecedented situational awareness.  The ASRs utilize a similar technology stack as an Autonomous Vehicle (AV) including LiDAR, Sonar, Wheel Encoders, and IMU as well as a complex set of algorithms.  Patrol 24/7/365 fully autonomous without human intervention.

Unlike human security guards, our robots never need a break, are immune to diseases, the need to text, or to sleep. This is the solution the public needs - and it’s been proven to work.


The security market is exploding due to increased demand for next-gen tech


Reimagining Public Safety—operating across 5 time zones... 24/7/365


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